This Week In TV for June 24-30 2013

Monday's Picks

Under the Dome

New series based on the HUGE novel by Stephen King. A small town in Maine finds itself trapped under a giant, transparent dome, and learns that when faced with such an event, some people rise to the occasion, and some people turn into complete and total jerks.
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10:00PM on CBS

Newlyweds: The First Year

The freshman series comes to an end tonight, and if there has been anything more awkward on TV this year than the sight of Tina’s dad making out with his new, young girlfriend, it’s not coming to mind. Bring on a second season featuring THEM as the newlyweds!
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10:00PM on Bravo

Tuesday's Picks

Catfish: The TV Show

Summertime is the perfect time to do some catfishing! The second season of that most cringe inducing of reality shows premieres tonight, with an all new tale of Internet love and LIES.
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10:00PM on MTV

Rizzoli & Isles

Last season ended with Isles donating a kidney, so it’s doubtful this season will begin with Rizzoli and Isles having a big old blowout drinking party, or the like.
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9:00PM on TNT

Wednesday's Picks

Big Brother 15

A new set of hamsters is entering the giant cubby hole, and this time, instead of two eviction nominees a week, there will be three. In addition to that twist, viewers will be able to vote on the houseguest they think is playing the best game every week, thus granting said player some VIP powers.
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8:00PM on CB

Thursday's Picks

Independence Day-Saster

If you think this movie, about an alien invasion that wipes out America’s defense systems, thus leaving humanity’s last hope in the hands of a single scientist who must figure out the aliens’ sole weakness, sounds a lot like another movie called Independence Day, well. That’s just crazy!
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9:00PM on Syfy

The Out List

This documentary features celebrities from several fields discussing their personal experiences of coming out of the closet, with tales of acceptance, and bigotry. Includes appearances by Neil Patrick Harris, Suze Orman, and Ellen Degeneres.
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9:30PM on HBO

Friday's Picks


The series was pulled from the schedule back in April, but like several other dead shows airing this summer, it’s back, hopefully giving closure to its fans with the final six episodes.
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8:00PM on The CW

Saturday's Picks

Anna Nicole

This Lifetime movie looks at the life of someone whose whole existence was stranger than fiction. It does seem odd making a fictional movie based on the life of someone who basically documented her every embarrassing moment on camera.
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8:00PM on Lifetime

Do No Harm

Yep, it’s the return of ANOTHER dead show, and since this one was pulled after only two episodes, it should be pretty easy to pick it up this summer. Assuming you can bear the thought of watching a show with no hope of renewal.
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10:00PM on NBC

Sunday's Picks


It’s the beginning of the end for Dexter the show, but will this final season find an end for Dexter himself? Perhaps he’ll get rid of all serial killers for good, and will enjoy a nice retirement in…Florida.
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9:00PM on Showtime

Ray Donovan

This new series stars Liev Schreiber as a professional "fixer" who helps the rich, famous, and powerful get out of sticky jams in Los Angeles. So, yeah, basically Scandal without all the steamy POTUS-and-mistress action.
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10:00PM on Showtime


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