Alex's Reality Rant #5: The Good, The Bad, & The Fugly Of This Week's TV

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Alex's Reality Rant (check out the rest on our new-ish Reel Critics page!), SideReel's reality-centric Wednesday column! This week our favorite shows have started to reach that awkward middle stage of their respective competitions, so I've taken the opportunity to hash out the best & worst moments of their halfway points now that things are officially getting serious. And I say "serious" because now futile competitors like Kate Gosselin, Tim Urban, & that annoying Anslee chick from ANTM are gone! HAHAHA!

Moving onward...

American Idol

Last night the remaining 6 singers tackled Shania Twain's songbook, and unfortunately for the sake of decision-making, no one crashed and burned like you might expect from a country-themed week.

The Good: Oh, Lee Dewyze. I don't mind your strange side-mouth singing, or the fact that Simon thinks you're too hesitant. Your rendition of "You're Still The One" officially put you past your awkward days of poor song choices ("Fireflies," the horror!) and off-key nervousness and you're now onboard the "Twain" (as Ellen put it) headed towards the finale. You can be my "Beast of Burden" any day of the week! ooo-OOO!

The Bad: I guess if I had to choose someone to go, it would be Aaron Kelly. It breaks my heart, since he's just so little and cute and gosh-darn endearing... and this week he finally got the praise from Simon he was working for. But too little too late I say. Great voice, but a little too inexperienced and uncomfortable. & having to root for him so hard every time he steps on that stage is really starting to drain me.

The Fugly: I used to be a fan of Siobhan, but now that she has quite a few weeks' worth of performances under her belt -- let's make that a bunch of freakin' RANDOM, erratic performances -- I've pretty much deemed her too unreliable to root for. While her judges' reviews for her performance of were generally positive, Simon pointed out that it sounded like she was giving birth. If that's not the fugliest mental picture he could have given us on national television, I don't know what is.

Dancing with the Stars

This week's episodes were stripped of dumb gimmicks like "movie night" & just focused on good, clean execution of the samba, Argentine tango, and swing dances. While I still think the judges must be hallucinating (not really, let's not start any detrimental rumors here), it wasn't too surprising to say goodbye to Jake and Chelsie.

The Good: Chad & Cheryl are finally getting the recognition they deserve! Carrie Ann insists it was because "he just wasn't dancing well" before (she lies), all 3 on the panel agreed that he made vast improvements with his Argentine tango. Unfortunately, considering I'm already so attached to everyone else at this stage in the competition, I still might be banking on his departure next, but I'll try not to get ahead of myself!

The Bad: Normally I love Derek Hough, but I'm starting to think he might lack a little respect on the judges' part. Nicole Scherzinger is clearly an amazing dancer (ugh!), so shouldn't he be taking the opportunity to make his choreography not only difficult to suit her level but also true to style? It seems like he operates more under the pretense that he knows they'll get enough votes whether or not the judges deem them technically accurate or not. And Bruno seems to operate under the pretense that Nicole leaves a trail of butterflies and rainbows with each step she dances, and therefore can do no wrong. I think a wake-up call is in order!

The Fugly: Personally I thought Evan and Anna deserved much better than their earned triple-7 score (robbery!), but did you see (& hear!) that neck-cracking fall he suffered in the rehearsal tape while they were rehearsing their swing routine? Sick! Oh my god. My mother even made me rewind the TiVo and watch it over again. I'm still shuddering. I mean... glad you're okay, Ev!

America's Next Top Model

The remaining 6 model hopefuls take off for New Zealand and face the much-anticipated go-see challenge, then later pose with a guest -- a sheep?

The Good: What I love about Top Model is that unlike Top Chef, where one week's dud is the next week's best dish, the contestants are (usually) remarkably consistent. That being said, I'm still loving Raina and Jessica (otherwise known as Eyebrows and Doe-Eyes). However, Jessica has turned into kind of the "teacher's pet" when it comes to episode challenges, so we'll see if she ends up living up to her "little miss perfect" rep for the 4th time or so -- something dramatic always happens on the go-see episodes!

The Bad: This is actually arguably "good," for entertainment's sake, but Alasia on a go-see is bound to be the biggest disaster yet this season. Or ever, for that matter. If she behaves or speaks anywhere near the way she did when speaking to Tinsley Mortimer a couple episodes back (*cringe*), she is going to end up talking her way into a one-way ticket back to the states. If she acts at all appropriately for any given second of tonight's episode, I will be completely blown away.

The Fugly: This is going to sound terrible, & please don't think I'm even more evil than you already think I am, but didn't Angelea seem a little too "in her element" at the drag queen show last episode? Yeah, she can turn out a fierce picture by some strange miracle when she angles her face just right, but I can't possibly imagine that she's going to fare well when she meets industry people in person. For her own sake I hope she proves me wrong, but... yikes.

Now that our favorite reality shows have been plucked and weeded of their no-chance competitors, who of the remaining contestants do you think will make it out on top?


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Apr 28, 2010 8:48PM EDT

If I know my ANTM preview commercial editing-tactics at all, I say tonight Alasia's certainly bottom 2, probably a goner. We shall see soon enough :-).
I like Raina a lot too, though I don't see what everyone else sees in Jessica! She's perfectly pretty and cute, but frankly I am shocked the judges haven't yet pulled the "not high fashion" card - she's kind of girl-next-doorish.
Fearless predictions for Final 3 though: Raina, Krista, Jessica (reluctantly...)

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