Alex's Reality Rant #3: Teflon Tim Strikes Back, DWTS Judges Get Picky

Hey SideReelers! Welcome to the third installment of Alex's Reality Rant! While this week in TV hasn't quite fired me up like last week (can you believe Brig won Shear Genius?!), I'm never without dirt to share with my fellow reality fiends. So let's get on with it, shall we?

American Idol

Since Big Mike is the official recipient of the season's only "save," nearly everyone's neck is out on the line for tonight's double elimination. As I mentioned before, I definitely had my doubts concerning Elvis Week, and regarding its not-so-qualified mentor, Adam Lambert. But as usual, American Idol blessed its audience with some surprises last night, both good and bad:

Tim Urban: Am I going crazy, or was he kind of good? His song of choice, "Can't Help Falling In Love," was (wisely) safe and well-executed with the accompaniment of his acoustic guitar. If this had been the first Tim performance I had ever seen, he may not grown to have such a skin-crawling effect on me (I know, I'm being unusually nice). However, it was not the first time, and I know not to be fooled by one song well-sung. Ellen put it best when she compared him to a shot of tequila (better after repeated intake). Well guess what? Too much tequila eventually induces projectile vomiting. And death.

Siobhan Magnus: I love her, I really do... Well, I used to. I think her attempts to show herself off as a more multifaceted singer (and not just a one-note high-note screecher) by taking on all these ho-hum slow songs is making her come off as confused and quite frankly kind of blah. I understand the desire to perform whatever you want without the restrictions of a musical label or genre title, but that kind of "sing-whatever-you-want" privilege is only acceptable on a show like this if you really kill it. And well, she hasn't these past couple of weeks. Maybe she should try an acoustic rendition of "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul. The judges will LOVE IT.

Katie Stevens: I honestly don't remember even watching her perform. Was I asleep? What did she sing? How did I miss this? No offense but I wouldn't exactly be sad if she peaced out this time around. It's about time.

Dancing with the Stars

Man, the judges were rough this week! In the "Double Score Showdown," couples received two sets of scores for their dance -- one for technique and one for performance. While I figured many contestants would get high marks for performance (save for Kate, who never stops pouting), most people only totaled in the 30s out of 60 (wtf?). Evan Lysacek came out on top once again, while Nicole Scherzinger was reduced to tears while her scores kept her in the 2nd place slot (but don't be suckered into sympathy voting)! Here's who I think got seriously shafted:

Aiden Turner: Bye-bye, Aiden! Homeboy got a little choked up when he was saying his farewells, but his partner is the one who should've been crying. Edyta just can't catch a break, can she? As the only pro dancer who has appeared on every season, she has never won the title! It seems she always either gets paired with a jokester, an athlete with 0 rhythm, or someone who just can't earn the votes. Well, there's always next time... or the next... or the time after that.

Erin Andrews: Was I the only one who thought her tango deserved more than lousy 6s and 7s? I mean, what the heck? Sure, she's kind of lanky and awkward at times, but she moves gracefully despite her height, and she's made vast improvements since her hot-mess of a cha-cha in Week 1. Sure, I'd like her a little more if she stopped gripping Maks' bicep so hard, but I guess I can't blame the girl. She's a pretty impressive dancer (especially with a busted back!) and this week she was totally robbed!

Jake Pavelka: He's pretty to look at, but he's got to be the dorkiest contestant on the history of the show (okay, or maybe second dorkiest after Steve Wozniak). But all dweebiness aside, that performance was killer! Partner Chelsie threw in just the right amount of tricks (did you see that spinny-staircase thing?), fast footwork, and drama worthy of a great performance. Sure, he had a minor stumble, but his quick recovery is a tell-tale sign of a great dancer in the making -- I had to rewind my TiVo 3 times to make sure I wasn't just imagining it. I'm sorry, but if that dance was worth a crappy 36 out of 60, Kate Gosselin deserved a 3.

Project Runway

I've finally caught up just in time for part 1 of the finale, which airs this week. Now that the whole drama of Maya leaving, Anthony getting eliminated and then returning and then eliminated again has finally winded down, I should be ready to start making my predictions for the winner. However, while this season's bunch seems far more talented than the last, I feel like they're far too inconsistent to pick a clear favorite. Plus, I tend to agree more with Tim Gunn's initial take on the designs in the workroom than I do with the judges' final determinations, so I tend to set myself up for disappointment every time I choose a design as the clear cast-off reject, and then watch Michael Kors fawn over it and deem it the winner (what's so great about Emilio?!). In the finale's first half, Mila and Jay duke it out over a tie-breaker to see who will take the final spot in the Bryant Park tents. I think I'm rooting for Jay, but that might just be my annoyance towards Mila talking...

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