Alex's Reality Rant: 6 Fall Reality Shows I'm Impatiently Waiting To Watch

Just when I was getting used to this awkward summer in-between phase with no American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and The Bachelor, the fall season has to creep around the corner and threaten to crowd up my TiVo once again. Realistically, I am already craving the next cycle of ANTM, but I'm not quite sure I'm prepared for the new fall reality shows that are about to throw my TV-watching schedule for a loop. Ready or not, read on for the 6 fall reality shows I'm most excited for this upcoming season:

1. America's Next Top Model: September 8th

As one of the first official fall premieres, I'm ready to kick the season off right with the start of cycle 15. With escalated prizes (like a spot on the cover of Vogue Italia), this season is bound to be more cutthroat... & I'm super curious to see the freakishly tiny-waisted chick in action.

2. Top Chef: Just Desserts: September 15th

Normally I'm not a fan of Top Chef spin-offs (it's just not the same without Tom Colicchio), but at least semi-regular judge Gail will help keep a sense of familiarity. I'll just need to make sure to keep a bag of gummy bears handy for my inevitable post-episode sweets craving.

3. Dancing with the Stars: September 20th

I'm still bitter about Nicole Scherzinger's win last season, and with rumored contestants like David Hasselhoff, The Situation, Brandy, and Audrina from The Hills, the potential "cast" sounds like a reality TV addict's dream come true. However. I'm still impatiently waiting for SYTYCD's Pasha to join the pro cast...

4. Diary of a Hip Hop Girlfriend: TBA

Okay, I'm lying; I'm not actually excited about this at all. Sure, it sounds all juicy and dramatic -- like a trash-tastic mix between BasketBall Wives and Cheaters -- but if this is the direction Vh1 is going from here on out, I might be forced to get my reality TV fix through a more "meaningful" show like NBC's lame looking School Pride program (ha, yeah right). I mean, HELLO, they haven't had a Rock of Love or Real Chance of Love sequel in like forever! What gives?

5. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew 4: TBA

Consider that aforementioned dwindling faith in Vh1 instantly restored. I almost forgot about Celeb Rehab! And with winners like The Hills' Jason Wahler (LC gave up Paris for THAT?!) and Janice Dickinson checking in, this season is bound to bring forth plenty of entertaining douchebaggery and loudmouth antics.

6. K-Town: TBA

I'm not really in support of this idea of making an MTV show dedicated to every ethnic stereotype out there, but the upcoming "Asian Jersey Shore" might be worth a gander just for the controversy it's bound to cause. Plus, I was on a predominantly Asian dance team in college and these peepz bear a striking fond resemblance to my former crew. Not joking.

Which new or returning reality shows are you looking forward to this fall? Weigh in below!


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May 12, 2016 3:46PM EDT

After despicable Russell Hantz won the $100,000 spirit award in the last Survivor season, I swore I would not expose my teens to this show EVER again after never missing one. America, what were you thinking? Colby Donaldson is my favorite Survivor of all time and he or Rupert deserved the $100k more than Russell. However, the gimmick of Survivor Nicaragua of fighting the traditional Survivor ageism of voting the oldest out first by making a whole tribe of "mature" players has grabbed me. I am on the edge of my seat.
I am obsessed with America's Next Top Model. I love the fashions, the guest stars, and the fashion dream destinations. "Go Sees" is always my favorite episode. I have always thought it hypocritical that reviewers say this show is a failure because it has not produced a supermodel, but Seventeen's editor has always had a judge for at least one elimination. How many Seventeen cover models have catapulted to French or Italian Vogue covers? High fashion models for Vogue and "girl next door" models for Seventeen are rarely the same person, if ever.
The Amazing Race starts on 9/26 from Boston to England in a 90 minute debut. Is it a coincidence that all these shows are globe trotting? I am just a frustrated mom that mainly trots my kids around. "Mom Mind Rot" is what my daughter calls these shows but I can't wait to find out where I will be escaping to in my mind next!

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