Check Out SideReel's Exclusive Q&A With Comedian Louis C.K.!

FX's brand-new series Louie, starring comedian Louis C.K., premieres this Tuesday at 11/10c! If you're curious about the new show and the comedy that's sure to ensue, check out our Q&A with the star for a glimpse at what's to come!

Q: I want to know, what's the difference been for you in this show and what you did at HBO a couple of years back?

Louis C.K.: Well, HBO, Lucky Louie, was an L.A. based studio sitcom. HBO is a very liberal and creative network, but we still went through a network process and did it on a stage with the traditional run-throughs and a studio audience and everything. But this is shot in New York City by just me and my little crew, and so it feels more like an independent film the way that we run it, and it kind of comes together. We shoot pieces without knowing what episode they're going to belong to. The network is completely MIA. They don't do anything until they watch the episodes when they're finished being edited. So it's just us making a show. So I think that's the biggest difference. Besides that I'm doing a single camera show now instead of multi-cam.

Q: I've seen a lot of articles and perhaps some on this call that have actually written articles in which they comment on how your format is very similar to the Seinfeld format in that it opens and closes and is punctuated by bits of your stand up. But I think the big difference, allowing for networks and everything, is where it was a show about nothing; yours seems to be a show about everything. Was that the intent? And how did you move the series organically from your stand up?

Louis C.K.: That's well-put. I would say that's the biggest difference. Jerry definitely innovated by putting stand up in with scripted pieces, but we're as different as night and day as far as what we talk about. Yes, I think the way that it comes out of the standup is that a lot of the ideas start as stand up ideas of what I end up filming, so I kind of make a decision, what's the funniest way to execute this? Is it going to be to just say it on stage, or is it going to be to see it as a film? I think part of what makes it different too is I kind of swap back and forth between film and stand up a lot on the show throughout the episodes. Also, every episode is different. We don't have half hour length sitcom stories that have a first act and a second act. Often there's something that's just one scene, because I just wanted to show that one scene. In the same way that stand up gives you the freedom to choose how long you talk about something or just drop in one word about something, it's kind of like a collage, an eclectic kind of a form. This show, I wanted it to feel like that. I wanted it to feel almost like a stand up set. It's sort of herky-jerky different, different lengths of pieces, different ... on things, different reasons and tones for talking about things or showing things. And, yes, I guess I am trying to make it about everything. It's such a simple situation of just, I'm just a guy on the Earth, is what I really feel this show is about. So I can talk about a lot, a lot of things.

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