Alex's Reality Rant: What Went Down This Week!

Welcome to the second installment of the SideReel editorial team's new tri-weekly column! On Monday, kendra gave us the scoop on what she was looking forward to watch (and not so much) in the week ahead. Stay tuned for a lowdown of the week's reality TV highlights, a Friday roundup of what rocked this week, and more TV talk to come!

To keep things going, Alex here to lay down the dirt on what went down (and what's next) in the mad world of reality TV this week -- namely Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and maybe a dash or two of America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, & more, depending on what frustrates me or intrigues me the most on any given week. & I've got a lot to say! Oh, and spoiler alert for those who haven't caught up and intend to read on. You're lucky I'm nice; a friend of mine who was a little too anxious to discuss DWTS last night did not give me the same courtesy before he prematurely spilled the beans. Grr. Moving onward...

Dancing with the Stars

Really, I could spend a whole day ranting (& raving) about this season of DWTS. So let's just stick to highlighting the top 3 contestants really worth dishing about this week.

Shannen Doherty: Peace out, Shannen! While I certainly don't think she deserved to be the first to go, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a huge upset either. And since pro partner Mark Ballas is recently injured, it's probably for the best. His would-be replacement Corky Ballas is even more exuberant than his son is, and let's face it -- Louis Van Amstel is already single-handedly exceeding the show's "unbridled enthusiasm" quota.

Nicole Scherzinger: There's a difference between having an "advantage" as an athlete or performer and having an advantage because you are a professional dancer already. It's not even a fine line, either. It's a huge caution-taped, spray-painted divide that reads "YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON THIS SHOW." Two 10s in the second week? Take your fake surprise and your made-up obstacles ("oh em gee, how will we ever dance to this hit dance track by Rihanna?") and get outta here! I'm just hoping she pulls a Sabrina Bryan and has an equally short-lived run despite her stellar scores. Me, bitter? No way! If she was Maks' partner, then I'd be jealous. Then we'd have a problem!

Kate Gosselin: LO-freaking-L. Is there really any doubt as to why she made it through the first cut? I mean, a) her scores weren't nearly as low as she deserved (even Buzz out-danced her), and b) that was amazingly entertaining. Of course people voted for her! That jive was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.

Would you call me completely crazy if I said that Pamela Anderson is looking like my initial favorite? Anyone feel me? ...Anyone?

American Idol

WHAT?! Justin Bieber isn't performing tonight?! I was misinformed, and now I'm pissed. The good news is that he's supposedly taping a performance for an episode in the near future (you know, because those "live" performances are usually... not so live), but I'm sure if I dared to actually click his permanent Twitter trending topic, I'd find that Bieber fans are NOT HAVIN' IT. But on to what really matters -- the contestants, of course:

Andrew Garcia: Well, he didn't just perform "Straight Up" again like I so astutely suggested in my head, but he is back, and I couldn't be more excited. Many of his attempts at acoustic performances on the show thus far have been underrated by the judges, in my opinion... but his rendition of "Forever" deserved all the praise it received. But is it too little too late?

Lee Dewyze: OMG. omg. oMG. OMg. oMg. o m g. Enough said. Am I right or am I right?

Crystal Bowersox: So her much-anticipated "surprise" wasn't exactly a knock-your-socks-off shocker, but I did enjoy her performance of "Midnight Train to Georgia." Trading her guitar-and-harmonica combo for a set of keys was a refreshing change of pace, but I agree with Simon's notion that she doesn't need to change a thing to gain voters. Her raw realness is what makes her so awesome (aside from all that talent she has camped out in her sea of dreadlocks, obviously), so I'd hate to see her change it up just for the sake of listening to what Kara has to say. I'd sooner take advice from Paula!

My guess for the boot tonight? Unless it's a not-so-upsetting upset (it's hard to be invested when the contestants have seemed to barely check in to the competition at all), I'm predicting Tim Urban (puh-lease?) or Katie Stevens. Again, call me crazy, but I still have a little hope for Didi Benami. Unfortunately for her, though, I don't vote... Guess we'll have to tune in tonight to find out!

America's Next Top Model

Last week we saw Tyra kick Ren's poor attitude straight out of the house... and no one should have been surprised (if there's anything guaranteed to unleash the Wrath of Tyra, it's a quitter)! In tonight's episode, her fangs are really out as she makes the girls pose in a pool of blood (I'm hoping it's fake and not Ren's) as high-fashion vampires. After all, we just don't get enough vampires in our regular daily dosage of pop culture these days. So far I'm lovin' Raina (big eyebrows go a long way), and Jessica. Something about the dichotomy of her naive country girl ways compared to her fierce photos is totally intriguing to me. But will she still be fierce in a bathtub full of blood? Tune in tonight on The CW to find out!

What do you think about DWTS' first elimination round? Are you rooting for Crystal Bowersox, underdog young'un Aaron Kelly, or someone else for the Idol win? What other reality shows are you hooked on this week? Tell me your thoughts!


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