2017 Spring Anime: Updates on 'Attack on Titan,' 'Code Geass,' and More

The 2017 spring anime season has begun, SideReelers! Things are absolutely crazy right now. There have been so many premieres, announcements, and surprise renewals lately that it's hard to keep up with it all. So, to make sure every anime fan here on SideReel stays in the loop, I've gathered together the biggest developments in the world of anime.




Season 2 of Attack on Titan Premiered

After a very long wait, the second season of Attack on Titan finally premiered on April 1. Though it has been a long time coming, the episode does NOT disappoint. Now that the truth about Titans is out, everything has changed. Two episodes have aired so far and... well, you should just watch and find out what your favorite people-eaters are up to.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Premiered

A new era begins as the world's favorite ninja, Naruto, passes the baton to his son, Boruto. For fans of the recently completed Naruto Shippuden, this is a welcome expansion of the Naruto universe. Starring the children of our favorite characters, it's time for the next generation to find their ninja way.

Season 2 of My Hero Academia Premiered

A hit during last year's spring season, the superhero trainees in My Hero Academia are back for more. After the large brawl last season, the students are determined to become heroes... or at least grow more powerful.


There is going to be a new Ghost in The Shell anime adaptation, based on the manga.

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS, the latest in the WIXOSS trading card series, will premiere this fall.

The second Fairy Tail movie, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, is premiering May 6 in Japan and June 6 in the United States.

The trilogy of recap films for the Code Geass series might not be all that fans receive in 2017. There are rumors that Lelouch of the Resurrection, the surprise third season announced last year, might be debuting sooner than fans thought.


Surprise hit Osomatsu-san has received a second season.

ClassicaLoid has been given a second season.

And last but not least, Himouto-Umaru Chan (the photo my sidereel profile pic is from) has been renewed for a second season!

Tell me all about your favorite shows this season, upcoming anime you're looking forward to, and the insanity of spring 2017 in your comments below!




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Apr 14, 2017 1:54AM EDT

I hadn't heard about a Fairy Tail Movie, thats cool! I'm glad - I miss that show. And the good thing about a movie is its like a mini-arc with no fillers!

Loving Boruto, Loving My Hero Academia S2, and really enjoying the mystery of Attack on Titan S2.

There's also some fantastic brand new anime to note as well.

First up is Re:Creation - which is sort of like a reverse Re:Zero (surprisingly they are unrelated -- guess copyright isnt a big thing in Japan). Re:Creation is about a high-school student/ aspiring anime artist who gets transported via his tablet into a Mecha anime, only to get transported right back out ... bringing the lead character with him. Then elements from the show start to follow him back to his world, as they call it, the world of the god creators.

Next up is "Grimoire of Zero" - another of the many anime with Zero in the title, this one is a Fantasty set anime about a war between Witches, Beatfallen and humanity, but it focuses on character development and has some really well-written cute dialogue. A fun little adventure show.

And last we have ID-0, (another zero?!!) A truly original space drama about companies and pirates Excavating minerals in space using uniquely stylized Mecha that are piloted via displaced consciousness. A college student interning at an excavation company ends up temporarily trapped in her mecha and is rescued by a reckless yet talented group of young space pirates.

Some really fresh new anime this season, I'm very excited!

Large cartoon boxed

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Apr 15, 2017 4:56PM EDT

This is a solid list. Looking forward to checking some out :)

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Apr 15, 2017 8:36PM EDT

nice one :) still need to check some of these out but so much shows hahaha :) some day :D

Large burn notice sam

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Apr 20, 2017 8:21AM EDT

AoT season 2 FINALLY!!!!!!!

Large kirito kun

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Apr 20, 2017 8:59AM EDT

Don't forget Sakura Quest, which everyone seems to love, myself included!

By the way @Unknownfear copyright is a big thing in Japan. The first episode of Osomatsu-san/Mr. Osomatsu was pulled off of legal streaming sites and I think even from the Blu-rays because the episode parodied...well, pretty much everything, and just one of the entities parodied did not like that. Sadly parody law is not a thing in Japan.

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