ANTM: For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

Last night's episode of America's Next Top Model was all about marketing and presenting oneself...and having the appropriate "travel documents".

The challenge of the evening was networking with what was probably supposed to be important fashion people while wearing Jay Godfrey dresses. For the record, I thought most of those dresses were butt ugly. Whitney (holy unnecessary cleavage...and the whole dress looked like a costume for an 80s party) and Stacy Ann were accused of being kind of fake, which makes sense, because they kind of are. Anya wins again (and it seems like she has been practicing her speech because though her funky unidentifiable accent remains, it was less pronounced), and though I was hoping for another nude photo shoot in bed with Nigel (you know, for the Parent's Television Council), it was merely a semi-nude photo shoot in leaves holding a can of 7-Up. And she got $10,000.

The photo shoot of the evening had the girls posing as they were entering a plane, because - yes, we have reached that point in the cycle where the remaining girls will get to go somewhere international...if they have their "travel documents", that is.

Speaking of the travel documents, the whole Fatima fiasco kind of bored me, because if you thought for a second that the show would send Fatima the "refugee" (without certain feminine body parts) back to wherever she came from because she had to go to the Consulate to get her papers in order, well, you would be very very wrong. That would be sending a bad message out to all of the young girls. America is a country where dreams come true, not one where "refugees" (in quotes only because this was self-professed by Fatima, though the fact that she is on this show and in America makes her no longer a refugee) are sent home for having to go deal with a visa (or whatever). So, the fact that Tyra and Jay Manuel were both kind of bitchy about Fatima missing the shoot was obnoxious and unnecessary.

The whole thing was also very engineered; I bet they purposefully scheduled the photo shoot at the same time as Fatima's appointment only after it had been confirmed. One more thing on Fatima: she has quieted down and has become infinitely more likable; she was humble and apologetic towards a raging Tyra during judging and in general has stopped acting with an aura of superiority about her.

Judging was pretty predictable. Anya is really starting to set herself apart and was not surprisingly called first. Fatima was left at the bottom with Stacy Ann. Fatima was given empty threats of being eliminated, becase like I said, there was never a chance in hell that she was going (to add insult to injury for Stacy Ann, Tyra told her that though Fatima had missed the shoot, Fatima's entire body of work was much stronger). Poor Stacy Ann was thus cut (though I thought that one was a long time coming), and Tyra essentially told her that she looks ugly from the side ("Remember your angles...").

Finally, the girls were told that they would be going to Rome! Rome is cool and all, but if they're going to Italy, why not the fashion mecca that is Milan? Oh yeah, Milan probably doesn't want them...

Since we're down to only 6 now, my question to you all is who will be in the final three? My guesses are: Fatima, Lauren and Anya.


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