Greek: Freshman Daze

This week's episode of Greek was heavy on the flashbacks, which meant some longer hair for the ladies (because clearly longer hair makes you younger) and some extra facial hair for Evan.

Poor attempts at convincing us that it was 2 years ago aside, the episode gave us some serious depth into the Cappie-Casey-Evan love triangle (or love square if you throw Rebecca into the mix) as well as Casey and Frannie's degradation into frenemies.

First, we learn that not only are Cappie and Evan roommates as freshmen (no way!) but also that they had known each other before college through summer camp (a camp with an appropriately silly, alliterative camp name which I now cannot remember). Furthermore, Cappie initially didn't even want to rush a fraternity (no way!) and Evan had wanted to escape his rich-boy stereotype and join Kappa Tau (no way!). However, Evan drags Cappie along to rush and Cappie is an immediate hit at the KT house, drinking an entire bottle of alcohol from an ice slide (no way, ABC Family!), while Evan clearly is an outsider with the KT crowd. Though he is let in as a pledge, it's pretty much out of pity because he's Cappie's roommate (he thus acquires a derogatory nickname). Evan ultimately switches over to Omega Chi.

Also during freshmen year, we learn that though Evan actually spotted Casey at the KT rush party first, Cappie sort of broke guy-code and snatched her away. However, the three became a friendly trio (Casey dubbed them the "3 Musketeers"), with Casey dating Cappie and Evan politely watching from the sidelines. We also see another side of Cappie in these flashbacks, who nearly stood up Casey at the Greek Ball (or Greek Testicle, according to Cappie) for no apparent reason. It was at this point that Evan swooped in, offering to rescue Casey from a dateless evening. However, when Cappie eventually did show up at the ball, things got ugly between Cappie and Evan; it was at this point that the Cappie/Evan relationship appeared to end and the Evan/Casey relationship began.

This episode also taught us that Frannie was not always the psycho-bitch that we've seen in recent times. She actively sought out Casey to join ZBZ, became Casey's Big-Sis and legitimately cared about Casey's well-being, giving Cappie a severe scolding when he was about to miss the Greek Ball (and also hilariously made fun of Cappie's frat brothers while simultaneously referencing Of Mice and Men; it's moments like these that remind me why this show is a cut above average).

Though this episode was a little bit heavy on the flashbacks, I thought it was great. We gained a little bit of sympathy for Evan, who clearly was in love with Casey from the very beginning and lost a little bit of respect for Cappie, who on more than one occasion seemed to be so involved in his fraternity shenanigans that he was a poor boyfriend to Casey. We also gained a little bit of sympathy for Frannie, who definitely has some goodness in her, and I am beginning to think was driven to her craziness out of fear that her little sister was going to steal her thunder (which is not necessary excusable, but understandable).

Rusty was a little bit neglected this week (and the Rusty-Calvin feud isn't quite feud-y enough that I feel it needs to be taken seriously), but it looks like focus will be back on him next episode. Speaking of Rusty, I enjoyed that this episode made a nod to the pilot when Rusty appeared and everyone was confused because Casey had told them she didn't even have a brother...


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