Weeds: Su-Su-Sucio Review - This week's MVP Goes To... - Featured

...Andy Botwin!

I am going to sound like a broken record as I review Weeds each week.

I still don't think Nancy's story is developing very quickly and it has turned all too depressing for my tastes.

I still do not care for Celia's entirely independent storyline; I feel like they don't know what to do with her character and are recycling themes from previous seasons.

But...here is what I will say about this week's episode: Andy rocked!

Andy's character was so hilarious this week. He had so many great lines:

-"Sucio. Su-su-sucio? Phil Collins?" - To Sucio, Nancy's bodyguard

-"I pictured you taller." - To Esteban (and is it me, or the fact that he was willing to say that at all shows how much he loves Nancy)

-"He had to share a bathroom with the children of the corn. Those twins are creepy." - Andy about Shane and Jill's children

-"A Mexican gyno? If you're putting together a mariachi band you want a Mexican; down there you want a Jew." - Andy to Nancy regarding her OBGyn

-"Ladies, please, this is Shabbos dinner." - Andy to Nancy and her sister Jill when they were fighting about Nancy's pedophile teacher

It also was fun to see most of the group together at a dinner, as I commented last week how these interactions have been sorely missing from the bunch. Besides everything out of Andy's mouth, I think the Nancy/Jill relationship is very interesting and I am curious to see how that develops further.

How about you? Was Andy also your favorite portion of this week's episode?


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