'Lost' Aarons Have a Picnic!

Here is a cute article from a Hawaii newspaper about 16 of the babies that played "Aaron" over the course of last season of Lost.

All of the Aarons met in the park for a picnic and interestingly, 13 of them were girls! The casting director explained that, "Females tend to have the rounder face and they don't age as quickly."

Read the full article:

16 Lost Celebs picnic in the park

The article also mentions for any babies with acting aspirations:

Lost is looking for 10- to 17-pound babies with blond hair and blue or green eyes for the show's fifth season. If your child fits that description, send a photo and phone number to: Julie Carlson, "Lost" cast, 510 18th Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816


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