Get With the Program #2 - TV Confessions, a Pronunciation Lesson and...Feral Cats?!

And we're back for Round 2 of "Get with the Program"! Did you catch last week's edition?

Hope you also checked out this week's previous editorial colums:

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Lots of fun in store for you this week coming from me, so read on...!

TV Confessional

So apparently my ANTM confession from last week was not all that startling to many of you. So, guess it's time to ramp it up and confess something even more embarrassing for this week:

I watch pretty much all of the ABC Family Channel Original Movies, but especially if they pertain to "The Cutting Edge."

Confess your TV sins in comments below!

Justin Bieber Alert

I thought I would be the last person saying this, but the little twerp known as Justin Bieber* - who may or may not have a secret plot for world domination (he's already taken over Twitter with 1.8 million followers and is a perpetual trending topic) has been growing on me.

So, dare I be excited for his SNL appearance this Saturday night? AND, even if you still aren't sold on the Biebs, Tina Fey is hosting!!!

*If you are asking yourself, "Who IS Justin Bieber?", this is the most useful thing you will ever read.

Pronunciation Lesson of the Week

Think you know how to pronounce the new HBO series Treme, debuting this Sunday at 10PM.

I thought I did. I foolishly assumed it was pronounced tree-eme. You know, like ex-treme. Rhymes with beam.

In fact, the correct pronunciation is: Truh-may (Thanks, NY Times).

Now you can sound smart (or pretentious) in your conversations about a show that you probably will not be watching. You're welcome!

New Shows. Old Friends.

I tend to get all gooey inside when some of my favorite actors that appeared in older shows pop up in the cast list for new shows. Witnessed a bunch of that this week:

1. Gregory Smith of Everwood to appear in summer ABC cop drama Rookie Blue. Missy Peregrym of Reaper is also a castmember.

2. Lucy Hale of my beloved Privileged from last season is the star of this summer's Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

3. Amy Acker (most known from Angel, but was also recently awesome in Dollhouse) is a part of the ensemble cast of upcoming murder mystery Happy Town on ABC. This one is premiering this month - April 28th - taking Ugly Betty's timeslot. The show actually looks like a stinker, but Acker always proves to be a bright spot even when other aspects of a show might be lacking.

4. This is more for nostalgia/watching-a-trainwreck-in-action's sake than anything else, but Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are appearing in a new ABC Family summer sitcom called Melissa & Joey where Lawrence's character becomes 'manny' to politician Hart's niece. Holy wow.

Have any favorite actors/actresses from older programs that are appearing/will be appearing in new programs soon? Share!

Help me name my friend's feral cats...

No, this section is not a joke. My friend is moving to a building with a sign that states, "Please do not feed the feral cats." Luckily, it says nothing about not naming them. As we are both fans of television, I suggested naming the entire army of cats after TV characters, but cat-pun-ified. So far, I've got Don Dra-purrr. Get it? Have any other ideas? Share 'em!

So that's all for this week! As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

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Apr 9, 2010 9:37PM EDT

Cannot say I'm with you on Justin Bieber. I am watching for Tina Fey and I will probably hide from the musical guest portion of SNL tomorrow.
But I totally have the same reaction when familiar actors are on new shows. And I'm actually kind of looking forward to Happy Town. The original trailer/teaser stuff that was put on Hulu way back when in the fall made it look pretty lame but I saw a new trailer a few weeks ago that looked really exciting. And Amy Acker (who's also guest starring on Human Target next week!) isn't the only favorite-elsewhere I'm looking forward to on Happy Town. It's also got M.C. Gainey from Lost and Sam Neill!


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Apr 9, 2010 10:01PM EDT

I might be excited for Justin Bieber on SNL, but only if he sings "Baby".
And definitely excited to see Gregory Smith on TV again!


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Apr 10, 2010 12:22AM EDT

Awesome edition - I feel so with the program now! :) I still can't find it in my heart to listen to "Biebs," but considering our shared embarrassing ABC Family movie love, I feel as if perhaps I should listen to your word on this. Sigh.
LOVE the cat naming - this sounds like it should be a past time for the gang on Friends! The best I've got is for That 70's Show - Kitty Fuuurrman!

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Apr 10, 2010 5:25PM EDT

& i'd like to point out that Lucy Hale is also from "American Juniors," that terrible American-Idol-for-children spin-off.

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