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Character Background

Jenny Humphrey is kind of like Gossip Girl's wildcard. One day she's Little J - the poor naive freshman and pawn of Blair's - and the next she's the new Queen Bee...questionably as ruthless as Blair herself, if not worse. Sister of Dan, Jenny clearly values popularity and social standing much more than he does.

Romantically, Jenny had a quick faux-relationship with the ended-up-being-gay Asher Hornsby in Season 1 and more recently a shared attraction with Nate (and a kiss), though this relationship quickly fizzled.

For much of Season 2, Jenny has been tied up in being a fashion designer, first working for Eleanor Waldorf (in lieu of school) and later trying to start her own line with crazy model friend Agnes.

Currently, Jenny has been exhibiting the attitude of a girl who has been reformed from her wild and immature ways, but time will tell...

Fav Quotes

Too bad it's more than our rent. But I think I can sew something like it.

1.1 - Pilot

Blair: Just like that, you wave the white flag.

Jenny: I lied. And I stole. And I lost the respect of my family. For what? So I can be like you? You asked me before if it was all worth it. And my answer is: It's not.

1.16 - All About My Brother

(to Eric) Look, I know I acted like a complete and total raging bitch last year, but what you don't know is how bad I felt about it all summer. You were the only person who was friends with me for me and I hurt you the worst.

2.1 - Summer, Kind of Wonderful

The first day of school is Draft Day. Blair and her merry band of psychos are going to be on a tear.

2.4 - The Ex Files

Hazel: Do you know what you're doing, Little J?

Jenny: I'm not Little J anymore.

2.14 - In the Realm of the Basses


Hipster Cute

Since Jenny's an aspiring fashion designer, she clearly has a uniquely defined sense of style on the show. Like the character of Jenny herself, the fashion is also constantly changing.

As the show has progressed, Jenny's fashion has definitely gotten edgier. Just look at her changing hair (and that horrid raccoon makeup during her wild phase)!

Look for Jenny to be wearing tons of dresses and short skirts, with a ton of plaid, often accentuated by bright colors, such as hot pink! The girl also loves herself some trench coats, leggings, hats and scarves.

Fav Love Interest

TBD. Since Jenny's first boyfriend ended up being gay and Nate hardly even counted, I think the show might do itself a favor by giving Jenny a convincing and age-appropriate love interest. She hasn't had much of a story arc since guerilla fashion went to hell, so perhaps a romance is just what the doctor ordered for young Jenny H!

Juiciest Gossip Girl Scandal

I'd say Jenny's juiciest scandal involved her little bout of truancy from high school to "intern" for Eleanor Waldorf, followed by quitting said internship to start her own fashion line...all normal behavior for a 15 year old...

What are your favs for Jenny? Do you agree that she is desperately in need of a new, good storyline?

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Mar 17, 2009 8:41AM EDT

jenny and nate are amazingggg. total babes. and jenny's black eyes were great. oh wow i love that kid. and her clothes/

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Mar 18, 2009 2:09AM EDT

I personally feel like the show is overrating Jenny, always making her look like the good guy and getting all these over-the-top things (like that fashion intern). But I mean at least there's a good reason for Blair's Queen Bee attitude (ignoring mother, dad falling in love with someone else, best friend slept with her at-the-time boyfriend, best friend easily getting everything Blair worked hard for) and Jenny's reason? I can't think anything other then that cliche "I'm a rags to riches girl meaning I had it harder then rich kids" theme. please...

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