Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 8 "Pupil" Review

From TV Squad:

(S01E08) "Honey, I know I'm pretty, but you just wasted 30 seconds staring at me." - Mo-Mo, to a male nurse who needs to get back to work

Well, there are certain things about Nurse Jackie that you just know are going to come into play. Like the assisted suicide story we had recently, and tonight's chilling opening scene where Jackie's daughter accidentally gets Jackie's drugs mixed into the sprinkles on her doughnut (loved that slo-mo camera work, though).

Sooner or later, Jackie's not going to catch stuff like that, and it'll be disastrous. I know we've talked about this before, but you have to wonder how she can function so well doing all those drugs. And what would happen if she suddenly didn't have access to them.

I'm sure nurses and doctors can identify with tonight's episode, where the ER is overworked and understaffed. But how do you think the temp nurse knew that Jackie was doing drugs? Just a hunch?

I do love how she told the patient who couldn't get any service from the temp, "If you don't get everything you need in the next five minutes, this man over here is going to pay you $50." Jackie knows how to get things done. Maybe all those drugs help her cut through the crap. Or who knows, maybe she'd get five times as much stuff done without the drugs.

So, Cooper and Eddie both know that Jackie has a kid. I've been thinking about this, and for me, it would be really hard to keep my private life out of my work life. I've worked in offices before, and my coworkers have all become like family to me. They knew everything about me, and I knew everything about them. Maybe I'm just an open book that way. At least Jackie has Dr. O'Hara to help her keep some perspective on things.

Regarding Grace's panic attack at school, you have to think that some of Jackie's stressful work-life is getting passed on to her family. It would be hard to have that sort of job and not bring it home. I think Jackie gets that, too, as she noted to O'Hara while puffing frantically on a cigarette: "I think I make her worse. I really do."

More Thoughts:

Funny: The restaurant guy being afraid to tell O'Hara to stop smoking.

Adorable: That baby in Mrs. Akalitus' care. Wonder how that will play out.

Dramatic: The blow-up between Dr. Cooper and Nurse Jackie.

Sweet: Zoey.

Cute: Jackie's jealousy over him not bringing her coffee: "You bet your ass I am, you big homo."

Helpful: Jackie telling the patient's daughter how to get around the HMO: "Don't write oncology or exploratory surgery on anything. It should all go to the insurance company of the guy who hit your mother." Take notes, everyone.

Hopeful: Jackie singing the karaoke version of "Up on the Roof" to her daughters.

Your thoughts?


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