I'm sorry....YES!!!

I understand that people will not like this show due to the fact that it looks and sounds like Sex and The city in maybe an alternate universe, but whilst it may seem the same i think it brings something more to the table. These women are not perfect, despite the fact that on the surface they seem that way due to the fact that they are rich women, their personal lives are in shambles so to speak. Four women, one of which lost the man of her dreams due to her ambitious drive, another woman who stays with her husband just because she can't leave him, and life is comfortable for her if he's there, then another woman who has a stay at home husband, and a seemingly perfect relationship with him, but at work life isn't perfect there. And finally, another woman who cannot maintain a relationship be it with a guy or a woman. Looking at them just as women without the money, they are imperfect and i think they realize this, but choose to ignore it in their daily life. So if you're looking for a massive in your face sting, then this isn't for you, it's for people who want to look at these four women and to understand that money isn't everything in life and there will be up and downs in relationships with other people and most of all with yourself. Personally for, Sex and the City didn't give me that it didn't give me real people...this does.


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