Getting Reacquainted with the Walker Family

The newest episode of Brothers & Sisters last night reminded me what I love so dearly about the Walker family! Since it's been so long since the last episode due to the writers strike, this episode served as the quintessential catch-up episode, giving viewers a refresher course of where we last left off with the fam. In a smart flash-forward move, we find out that Robert lost the Republican presidential seat, Nora and Isaac's relationship has deepened, Sarah and Graham's fling starts heating up and potentially threatening her position as President of Ojai Foods, and Rebecca starts seriously questioning her paternity.

The inevitability of questioning Rebecca's place in the Walker family (due to the more than slightly awkward on-screen chemistry between Rebecca and Justin) aside, I think that they crafted this twist in an unpredictable way. A director that Rebecca's mom Holly dated, showed up out of the blue, formed a bond with Rebecca, and started questioning the possibility that he's actually her father. Holly finally admits that although she's certain that William Walker is Rebecca's father, there is *ONE* night that might put director David into the mix. And the plot thickens...! Justin overhears this conversation, and of course excited about the news (probably to validate the fact that he's been having feelings for his sister), goes straight to Rebecca to inform her and encourage her to go in for a paternity test. Although the chemistry is pretty obvious, I'm not quite sure how I would feel about a relationship blooming between Justin and Rebecca even if they find out they're not actually related. It might be just a little to incestuous for my taste!

Meanwhile, the family starts to unravel a bit when Nora seriously considers (and accepts) Isaac's invitation to live with him in Washington D.C., where he accepted a professorship. The siblings begins to realize what a pillar she is in their lives and how they would crumble with her living 3,000 miles away... and in the true Walker fashion, complete with yelling and horrible timing, they get into a confrontation with Nora to express how crazy they think she's acting. Nora begins to realize how hard it is for her to enjoy her own solitude and is resolved to do something for herself for once, and not take everyone else's needs into consideration. As always, Sally Fields is a brilliant Nora, showing how multidimensional she is as she struggles to find balance in her life, and we are relieved to find out that Nora had to back out and stay in California. (Who else would host the crazy Walker dinners if Nora lived on the east coast?!!)

It was nice to see some stability in some of the relationships (Scotty and Kevin, Tommy and Julia, Kitty and Robert) for a change, and the emphasis was again placed on the relationship you have with your family.

There's something about watching the Walker family that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Each character is crafted so beautifully and conveys so many human traits, emotions and flaws, and reminds us the true importance of family: having people who love you unconditionally.

I am so happy to have the Walkers back in my life Sunday nights!!


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