American Idol Season 9 Episode 39 "Results: 1 of 4 Voted Out" Review

Well tonight was definately full of surpises on American Idol. My predictions were definately off but not completely wrong either. Tonight was the result show where one contestant was eliminated after performing songs from movies last night with mentor Jamie Foxx.

After a performance by Chris Daughtry and a over the top performance by Bon Jovi we find out who lands in the bottom two. Any predictions? Big Mike was announced to be in the bottom two, Lee was sent to the seats as he made it to the top three. So that left Crystal and Casey. Who was safe and who was in the bottom two?

Here was the surprise. Casey was safe and Crystal landed in the bottom two. She happens to be my favorite contestant this season so a wave of emotions rushed over. Making me think, what if she is the one sent home because people didn't vote since they thought she might be a shoe in already? The safe was used earlier in the season on Big Mike. Drum Roll...the contestant leaving tonight is......Big Mike.

It was an emotional night and a goodbye. He seemed to have won the hearts of many. Like a big Teddy Bear. His wiffe and recently born daughter were on stage sharing in the goodbyes. But there are three more left. Will Lee win it or was this just a hard week for Crystal?


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