The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 7: "Seeing Red"

A woman walks through town and is warned by a another woman that she is in serious danger. She is followed by a car that runs her over in the street. The C.B.I. team arrives on the scene and learns that the victim, Rosemary Tennant, was a resident VIP. Her teenage son, Travis, has been reported missing a few days earlier. Kristina, the woman who had warned the victim in the beginning of the episode, shows up and claims to be Ms Tennant's spiritual advisor. Jane does not seem convinced.

Questioning Kristina, Clara (Rosemary's daughter), Jeremy (Rosemary's boyfriend of six months) and Travis ( he was eventually located by Jane) reveals plenty of 'dirty little secrets'.Jeremy has recently been added to Rosemary's will. So has Kristina. Jeremy and Kristina were sleeping together.

Eventually a seance were organized for the reading of Rosemary's will. The C.B.I. team uses voice trickery to accuse Clara of the murder, she breaks down and run upstairs.

In her confession Clara says that her mother was going to disinherit Travis and would listen to no reason. When Clara tried to call her she didn't answer her phone, Clara snapped and ran her mother over with the car. Kristina assures Jane that on the night that his family was murdered, his daughter never woke up and and that she was not scared.


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