Annie are you ok? Are you ok Annie?

Just looking back over a few episodes to give a look ahead to next January and came across the audio commentary for the episode The Man Behind The Curtain in season 3. As we all know season 4 has come and gone, a few people disappointed as I've read other discussions, but even these afflicted few cannot dismiss their hunger for more mystery and plot twists which is what keeps the masses glued. Anyways, it's the episode with Ben's flashback and how he became the leader of the Others and we now know he did this with by releasing poisonous gas onto the island (but still he felt the need to kill his dad by himself in the van!)

But what drove him to this? All the way through the episode it's lead us to believe it is from his anguish with his father and from his meeting with Richard at a young age, who saw Ben as a potential leader. What Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff were hinted at in the commentary is that there is another reason which pushed him over the edge. Annie. His childhod sweetheart who gave him the badly carved little wooden boy for his birthday. This character was placed in high importance in his childhood flashbacks....but where was she when the gas went off? Did he kill her? No. But it did say in season 4 that he had a wife.

Prediction Time. Annie and Ben got married and then she became pregnant and as we all know what happens to pregnant women on the isalnd, don't we...hmmm...yes...she dies. Furied by this he initiates his plans with the others and destroys the Dharma Initiative. By the way that hole didn't look big enough to hold them all. Were there not meant to be loads of them?!?

I do strongly believe that we will find more out about Ben and his wife Annie in future episodes and perhaps maybe her role in kidnapping Alex from Rosseau.

Another small thing they mentioned was the volcano. They didn't say much but made the audience aware that in the classroom scene of that epiode the teacher (Samantha Mathis) is infroming them about the volcano on the island.

Am I wrong?


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