The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 8: "His Right Red Hand"

This was a really dramatic episode of The Mentalist, and we got to see a little bit more about the characters themselves as opposed to just the case of the week. We got to see a little bit of Rigsby and Van Pelt together off-duty, and we saw a bit of a softer side of Lisbon, though whether her "I love you" to Bosco when he was dying was meant in the same vein as his words to her, or if she merely was telling a dying man what he wanted to hear wasn't entirely clear.

I liked the use of Rebecca, Bosco's assistant, as the shooter. Too often shows use a character that just showed up in the current episode, rather than one we've seen before, for these kinds of roles. I like that she was already established, and established to the viewer as a good person, because it made her involvement with Red John more of a shock when it was revealed.

My biggest quibble with the episode is how they have Minnelli just kind of go off the reservation and lose it during the press conference. It seemed out of character for him. I also thought that Jane would have realized that Red John would want to dispose of Rebecca now that he had no more use for her (and she could give Jane information that might clue him in to Red John's identity) and that security to protect her as she was being transferred would have been tighter. Otherwise, a good solid episode.


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