Review - Newly released anime chapters

I would like to review the newly released chapters, and everything related to them. When I mean newly released I mean Jiraya and Sasuke fights. Let's start.

As Jiraya infiltrated the village in the rain, more and more was discovered about his past with Nagato. The legendary Rinnegan user also makes his appearence by sending Konan to intercept Jiraya. After he interrogated two rookies, transformating one and manipulating the other, he finally engages Pein. The battle starts with Jiraya trying to understand what happens that Konan is doing there. After a little chat, Pein shows up in the body he selected for the batlle. Konan is ordered to go away and the battle starts. Jiraya escapes the multiple summonings of Pein while he hides in a chamaleon who makes himself invisible. Jiraya selects Mister Gamaken for fighting. Gamaken keeps repeating he is a clumsy frog while he attacks. Jiraya decides to do become sage mode. After all the fighting, more mysteries rise about Pein. Finally, after Gamaken dissapears and Jiraya escapes, the two frogs show up and Jiraya is finally Sage mode. The reason of Jiraya not particcipating is that he can't sepparate his hands. After sage mode is activated, two more bodies show up. Incapable of dealing with the three, Jiraya flees the scene. With the frogs, he realises that they share the same view, reason of why his attacks get blocked or miss. Before he blinded one, and the three show up in the pipe. The battle carries on and Jiraya deals with them. An oral genjutsu is made by frogs and finally, all three bodies are killed. As they go away, the same body appears and attacks Jiraya. All six bodies attacked, and Jiraya lost his arm. The other bodies revived the first three. With a stealth kill they eliminate one, the first body. Discovering he was known (and killed) by Jiraya. Also, Yahiko shows up as one of the bodies. A mystery appears of weather Nagato killed Yahiko for using his body, or Yahiko killed Nagato for getting the Rinnegan. After a failed stealth attack, Jiraya gets his throat crushed and coughes blood. He discovers the mystery, but the bodies prepare a final attack. One of the frogs went back to his home. Jiraya puts a coded message on the other who leaves before a crushing projectile hits Jiraya. The bodies already put six sticks on him, and Jiraya gets close to death. He thinks he has done everything wrong, but he realises that he did wright. Jiraya drowns with a smile on his face.

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