Naruto Season 2 Episode 21 Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All! Episode Recap

The episode starts off in the waterfall where four girls in a bikini suit started playing in the water. On the shore, behind bushes, Jiraiya sat with a perverted look and laugh. Behind Jiraiya was Naruto, still practicing the Summoning Jutsu and summons a little frog. Naruto then yells out of what was the difference between a frog and a tadpole. Naruto then shouts at Jiraiya, still in his perverted laugh, that he wasn't helping at all. After, Naruto was done complaining, he faints. Jiraiya then looks back at Naruto, and considers that Naruto has been training with determination and guts but still doesn't get anything.

The scene changes into the Hokage Room, where the Third Hokage looks at all four Hokages. The Third Hokage then looks back and sees Anko, saying that she probably doesn't deserve to be here after meeting Orochimaru, she also wished the Fourth Hokage was still alive, The Third Hokage then says that if it wasn't for the Fourth Hokage, then the village wouldn't exist, same goes for Anko. Then the Third Hokage gets his hat and leaves, saying that he's taking a stroll outside. He then leaves Anko in the Hokage Room, who then bows to the Third Hokage

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