One Piece Season 1, Episode 2: Enter the Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro! Recap

Luffy and Koby find Zoro tied and starving. A little girl trespasses the field to offer him some rice ball when Helmeppo, the son of the Marine's base Captain Morgan, shows the fear and power that his father's name give him. Rika tells Luffy that the reason why Zoro is tied is because he stood up for her and her mother and the three would be spared if he could resist a month; promise that Helmeppo had no intent of keeping. Luffy infiltrates the base looking for Zoro's sword but finds 3 and returns outside in time to save Koby and Zoro from being shoot by Morgan's men.

Luffy and Koby land on the town that has the Marine base where Roronoa Zoro is being held prisoner and they notice that the townspeople are afraid of him and of the Marine in charge, Captain Morgan. They find Zoro tied in an open field beside the base, Zoro see them and orders them to go away.

A little girl climbs over the fence and offers Zoro a pair of rice balls when Helmeppo enters the field and takes a bite of a rice ball. Helmeppo notices that the rice ball is coated with sugar and he throws it to the ground, stomping it. He makes Rica, the girl, cry and proclaims that there is a punishment set by his father for entering the field, ordering a soldier to throw the girl over the wall and Luffy catches her before she hits the ground.

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