Mummy 3 Released. Now watch How Record Breaks

After A Long wait time Mummy 3 releasing today worldwide. Rob Cohen The director posted an new post on this blog stating this the end of the meaningful journey.

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Here is quoted from his blog.

Dear Mummy Family–

Tomorrow, across the country, and soon thereafter, around the world, our film will be open for business. It will be available to fans and trolls alike, to the critics lurching inside all of us, and to some who get paid for their opinions. This is the final leg in a filmmaker’s journey. Reviews come in dollars and, sometimes, in sense. This is the hardest part because this is where you have the least control and it’s time for the creation to stand on its own, not just in the lobby, but on the screen.

It’s important to me that I shared with you this creative journey, that I showed you the work, the joy and the pressures of creating this huge film. This effort has not been unique; it’s the energy it takes to create anything small or large.

I’m sure you will all let me know your thoughts after seeing the movie. Whether you like it or not, you, above all people, you, my Mummy Blog Family, know my hopes and dreams for it and the care I gave each detail. I do not ask for admiration and I am not afraid of condemnation. All I ask is that you put as much effort in your own dreams and work as hard on your own hopes in whatever endeavors you pursue.

There’s a part of most directors that is a teacher and that is the lesson I want you to master: the world is dense, competitive and usually aligned against you. SO WHAT?!!! You go out there and rip your goals out of its throat. You get up every morning with your intention set, your eyes focused, and your whole heart behind every step you take. Wear your passion on your sleeve and wear it proudly.

I am a long-time Obama supporter because this is how he lives. This is how all my heroes John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Bruce Lee and Frank Sinatra, lived; how Muhammad Ali, Bob Dylan, Berry Gordy, Michael Phelps, Bruce Springsteen and countless others live today: Full-tilt, peddle to the metal, no holds barred, name your cliché just find yourself in that group. The world needs you more than it will ever let on.

There’s a big south swell in today so I’m headed out to surf, to kick it on the waves and feel the satisfaction of the long journey being complete. The film is complete, the release is complete, and I am complete within myself.

Thank you for coming along with me.

Bye, bye for now,



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Aug 4, 2008 6:49PM EDT

Update:Mummy 3 Made $42.5 M in first WeekEnd(First 3 Day) while TDK(The Dark Knight) Made $43.2M, Mummy 3 is removing TDK From Box office with time.

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