'Jersey Shore': House can make you do dirty things - Episode 4

On this week's "Jersey Shore," Jenni saves her relationship, the guys play musical trash bags and Snooki gets edited.

Ronnie & Sammi

Last week, we watched as Sammi ("Sweetheart") retaliated against Ronnie for dancing with some strange girl. This week, we hear Ronnie's side of the story: He saw Sammi talking to a guy first, and then he retaliated by dancing with that blond. That makes me feel better. You?

After he left the club, Jenni ("J-WOWW") followed him home. She felt bad for him and didn't think he should be alone. When Sammi found out that Jenni and Ronnie went home together, she assumes they're hooking up. When she confronts them, it's clear nothing has happened. Well, not that clear. Ronnie was lying in bed with only a towel on. Regardless, Sammi leaves it alone. What follows after this point is unclear. Ronnie goes to Sammi and they begin cursing each other out, and declaring that they're over. Suddenly, they're both crying. And, newsflash: Ronnie announces that Sammi is officially his girl. Awww. Romantic.

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