NCIS: LOS ANGELES ''Black Widow'' Review Season 2, Episode 2

In the second episode of NCIS: Los Angeles called Black Widow, an NCIS agent is killed in the perfect hit and rather than dealing with just one hitman, they are dealing with an entire team of them. When they manage to catch one of them, Callen is put deep undercover as a replacement assassin.

Instead of being on the trail of a mob boss or someone else, the assassination team is after what appears to be a suburban housewife. Anything but a “soft target” as she first appears, Emma was once a Chechnyan operative. The man who hired the team to kill her is the father of her boy and wants his son back. Not a wilting flower either, Emma volunteers to go in and set a trap so they can catch the assassination team red handed. When the plans change and the assassination is moved to another location, everyone has to scramble to get there on time to save her life. Afterwards the woman realizes that it’s time to tell her husband the truth about her past and the fact that their boy isn’t his biological son.

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