'Project Runway' Rebecca Romijn needs a dress!

The new 'Project Runway' started last week, settling into it's new network rather easily. I'm not sure the same can be said for the designers, who seam as stressed and unsure as they could be.

Heidi tells the models they will be designing for a celebrity who was a supermodel, now has a successful career in TV and Film and is currently pregnant. Many wonder if it is Heidi herself, but then out walks Rebecca Romijn - who is pregnant with twins. The designers are told to make something form fitting and chic and are given fake bellies for their models in the workroom. After last week, Ra'Mon worries about playing it safe, while Lousie hand dyes lace and Malvin conceptualizes about a 'mother hen'. Because farm animals are the new black, I guess.

Mitchell has experience designing pregnancy clothes, but after last week he wants to play it much safer. He's decided on a pair of shorts, but partway through their construction they are so huge that Louise and Shirin each get in a leg. I'm sure Rebecca will be thrilled with this segment later on. Tim talks to Malvin about his design, which includes jodhpurs that have padded legs that he calls "chicken thighs". Tim points out that no woman wants bigger thighs. Ra'Mon has decided to use color blocking on the belly of his dress, which he is pleased with. Until Mitchell points out that it looks like a bowling ball bag. And it DOES.

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