Robin Hood Season 1, Episode 5: Turk Flu - Recap

The Sheriff holds an archery competition with a silver arrow as the prize in hope of finding Robin, but the outlaws have other plans. They ambush a slave trader who is selling Saracens to the Sheriff's mine and smuggle Allan A Dale into the cage. Allan scares the guards with a rumour of a disease, allowing Robin and the others to set the mine on fire. Before they can do this however, Little John falls into the mine.

Meanwhile, in Nottingham, the slave trader arrives and informs the Sheriff of the outlaws' attack on the mine. The Sheriff and Gisborne rush to the mine, but are too late as one of the slaves, Djaq, has rescued John and the outlaws have burnt the mine.

A man attempts to kill Marian to get revenge on Gisborne for killing his father, but Marian convinces him to instead win the silver arrow, melt it down into coins, and use it to feed his family. With Robin's help, he does so. After all this Djaq decides to join the outlaws.

Source: Wikipedia

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