Recap Numb3rs: Season 6, Episode 9 - Con Job

Don and David investigate a 16 million dollar ransom wired to the Cayman Islands and question John Buckley (Ep. 512) who is serving 7-10 years in prison for a bus hijacking. Buckley tips them off that the bad guys responsible for the stolen money is about to hit a jewelry store which to their surprise turns out to be a Diamond Exchange where 26 hostages are taken. With the clock ticking, the bad guys demanding the FBI an escape route out of the exchange, threatening to kill hostages; the FBI must rely on Buckley to unravel the case, who uses this as leverage to shorten his sentence with the DA. They discover the ring leader is Len Maddux who shared a cell with Buckley and stole his strategies. Buckley says they are using the hostages and demand for an escape vehicle as a form of misdirection so that they can escape underground. Yet, once the FBI storms the Exchange, they realize that the Bad Guys have used a bit of "smoke and mirrors" when they find that the masked men inside are employees and that the Bad Guys have changed clothes with the hostages, using the disguise to walk out the front door and taking Buckley with them. David and Liz go to recover Buckley from the trunk of the car and instead find two from Maddux's crew who reveal that the 16 million was going to be laundered through the exchange. Charlie and Amita uncover that the money was converted to diamonds and discover that it was released to an already suspected insider, Lola Sacco who double-crossed Maddux and was inevitably double-crossed by... Buckley, who orchestrated the whole plan and escapes.

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