The Pacific : "Part Five" Review

The Pacific moves along with a brief stop back in the U.S., before throwing us back into the heavy warfare. But this episode brings some changes to the mix and introduces a few new characters that provide some very different perspective of life on the front lines.

Basilone is back stateside and enjoying the fruits of his labor, so to speak, with actress Virginia Grey (portrayed via a brief cameo from Fringe star Anna Torv). He's also starting to learn the lessons of celebrity. We get to meet his brother, who is also serving, and get a glimpse that his brother might be starting to feel the pressure of having such a famous sibling. Although it was good to get a status update on Basilone, it happened so fast that it didn't add much to this story. I fear that this side-story may get put on the back burner while the series refocuses on the combat action, and that's unfortunate because it seems Basilone's tale is one that deserves more attention.

Back in the Pacific, Eugene arrives in Pavuvu as part of the 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division and runs into his old buddy Sidney Phillips in a brief moment of boyish revelry, and Leckie returns to his division with a little bit less enthusiasm, but he's welcome nonetheless.

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