'The Pacific' - 'Home' (Mini-Series Finale) Episode 10

The war is over. What's left to say? A lot, actually. Just as Eugene Sledge was overwhelmed when he first got into the middle of the Pacific campaign, so was he completely out of sorts when he found himself back in Alabama. How do you take a boy and turn him into a man in the middle of bloodshed and carnage, and expect him to know what to do when he's back among civilized living?

Survivor's guilt, post-traumatic stress and learning how to be a civilian again were the facet of war explored this time around. We also got some familiar faces and names to go with all those veterans who've been sharing their stories in the opening moments of each chapter. One of them was Sledge's best friend, Sidney Phillips.

Somehow, it brought home a little bit more just how real these experiences were to tie those men into the characters we'd been watching for the past ten weeks. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to follow up with "Snafu," but even that was explained.

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