PARENTHOOD ''Date Night'' Review Season 2, Episode 4

Kristina wants a night out with Adam while Crosby debates becoming a full-time dad in the Date Night episode of PARENTHOOD. Joel worries he has no life while Haddie continues her presidential campaign and Drew has an awkward moment with his lab partner.

I love how the Crosby-Jabbar storyline develops tonight. Crosby screws up by agreeing to get Jabbar after he'd been drinking. He should have told Renee what was going on, but given that this is the first time she actually asks him for help with Jabbar, I understand why he didn't. I also understand why Renee called Sekou as back-up, but way to set up an explosive situation given that Sekou already didn't like Crosby. It's not at all a clear-cut situation and I think it plays out well, especially when Renee opens up to Crosby about her real concerns about Jabbar. That boy needs both his mama and his daddy, so either you know what or get off the pot. Crosby does need to you know what, and I think he had finally realized it when Jasmine came home. Saved by the bell for now, but this isn't over. At some point Crosby is going to have to take the risk and fully commit to Jabbar. I'm not saying (like Adam so tactfully did) that he's been half-assing his job as father, but like he says to Gaby, he's let some things go even though they don't feel right to him. That won't go away just because Jasmine's home, and as much as I want the two of them to work as a couple, I want Crosby and Jabbar to work more, and I'm glad Parenthood deals with this in such a nuanced way tonight.

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