30 Rock Season 4, Episode 19 Recap: "Argus"

After getting a double dose of 30 Rock last week, one episode seems like a let down. However, Fey and the gang live up to the challenge, and produce a hilarious, quite snotty episode that holds up to any comedy around. Bring on the funny, gang.

The episode opens as Liz is picking out her "Vietnamese size two" dress for Cerie's wedding. Jack darts into Liz's office in order to notify her that he has been named in Don Giess' will, and he is ecstatic. All the boss wants is a piece of his hero's life, even "sleddy," Giess' prized boyhood sled.

Tracy interrupts rehearsal to announce that Grizz, one of his entourage members, is getting married at the end of the month. Liz is upset to find that yet another office wedding will be taking place. Tracy tries to hint to Grizz that he should be the best man, but the bodyguard has not decided yet.

Liz now finds the hard task ahead of her of notifying Jenna that the Kardashian skit is axed because "Jack is bros with Lamar Odom." Jenna doesn't care, and Liz and Pete were shocked. The actress reveals that she has met a boy, but Liz knows it is short lived, especially after she dates crazy men such as the sniper that tried to shoot her. Meanwhile, Jack attends the will execution meeting of Don Geiss, and he is elated to learn that his hero has left him his prized peacock, Argus. As Jack exclaims, "hello, old friend."

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