Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 18 - Neverland

The episode begins with Joey's reaction to the kiss from Pacey which began in the last new episode. After they kiss she pushes him away and yells at him. He tells her it was just an impulse and after a minor fight Pacey gets in the car. Joey starts walking away and he follows behind her slowly until she gives in but isn't speaking to him. The next morning Joey tells Bessie what happens and asks for advice, but she has none to give. Simultaneously Pacey is talking with Doug who has advice. Get Dawson in a position where he can't turn against Pacey when he tells him the truth about Joey. Jack tells Andie that Ethan is coming for the weekend, Andie tells Jack that their father canceled his business trip. Later in school, Jen asks Henry why he didn't tell her it was his birthday and she has plans for him. He says he already has plans with family when a football player tells Henry he can't wait for his party. Jen gets pissed and walks away. At lunch Dawson tells Pacey the woods they played in as kids are being cut down. Pacey uses this to get Dawson where he can tell him about Joey. On the other side of the lunchroom, Joey and Jen sit down with Andie.

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