Episode Recap: Auditions, Salt Lake City

Welcome to Salt Lake City, Dawgs! It's the land of David Archuleta as well as thousands of very "shiny, happy people" waiting to audition. But, will any of these happy peeps be able to impress our lap-sitting, fake making-out judges?

Right off the bat, I have a feeling some of you will not be happy that an Osmond tried out on American Idol. You may think it's not fair because the Osmonds have quite a few connections left in this biz. But, how can you deny this guy a chance? First of all, he's adorable, then there's the whole bravery thing with fighting his MS, and his dad (who also has MS) cries for his son at the drop of a hat! Oh yeah, and he has a beautiful voice. Thank goodness they put David Osmond through. Now, we're on to the rest of the show.

Best Auditions

Frankie Jordan: Simon likes her insantly, and the rest of the judges do as well. She's got a controlled, smoky voice like Amy Winehouse, but without the booze, drugs, tattoos and really big hair.

Megan Corkrey: So what if we got a little teary-eyed from her segment about being a 23-year-old single mom and recent divorce? What are you gonna do about it? This girl opens her mouth and out pops out an amazingly original voice that reminds me of singers from a bygone era. This chick's got something special.

Austin Sisneros: OK, so his song choices are not great, but he's so sweet and can definitely sing! Simon even calls him "likable." Simon, you pushover.

Taylor Vaifanua: She's freakin' 16! Holy cow, this girl will go far! Randy, who never says anything constructive, calls out her natural tone and her ability to control her voice well.

Rose Flack: Why must they do these stories that make me cry! Poor Rose is an orphan who was taken in by her best friend's family. Even if she never opened her mouth I'd want her to go to Hollywood. Paula tells her to work on her vocals, but everyone else loves her cool, funky vibe and sweet energy.

Weirdest Lucky Rabbit Charm

Greg the Rabbit, or "Grabbit," if you will, hops behind Chris Kirkham during his audition in a huge, pink bunny suit. Ralphie from A Christmas Story has nothing on this dude. Though the lucky rabbit charm didn't pay off for Chris, "Grabbit" did get a bear hug from Simon. Must watch it again in slow-mo!

Best Lines from the Judges

Simon: You sounded like a baby.

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