Recap: "Death Takes a Holiday"

Sam and Dean learned up close and personal what it was like to be a ghost. In order to slow down the coming of the apocalypse, the brothers were subject to the dangers of iron, rock salt and the return of Alistair.

It's been a long five weeks since the last new Supernatural. It was painful, but after watching "Death Takes a Holiday," I've got to say it was well worth it. I have no words for everything that happened in this episode. It was awesome. Four characters returned: We hadn't seen Tessa the Reaper since the beginning of Season Two. Alistair was back. Pamela was back. And thankfully, Castiel was back. We hadn't seen these three since November. When I finally saw Cas, I seriously rejoiced. It's been way too long since we've seen Dean's Angel of the Lord.

The recap was quick and dirty, mainly touching on Pamela, Alistair, the angels, Sam's powers and what went down in "Sex and Violence." I have to say that so many times something big happens between Sam and Dean, or to one of them, and in the next episode it's not even mentioned. So it was awesome when the brothers were still feeling the effects of that nasty siren that laid his mojo on the boys. Did you notice while Sam was coming up with theories on the hunt that "Bobby" just presented to them, Dean was quiet? He wasn't hypothesizing or offering his own theories, he let Sam take the lead. In the back of his mind he was probably thinking about when sirenized-Sam told Dean he was smarter than him. When Sam got up to leave for the hunt, Dean stayed sitting (and eating, of course). When pressed, Dean asked Sam if he was sure he wanted him on the hunt. After all he "doesn't want to hold him back." You knew Dean wasn't going to forget what was said. Sam assured his big bro that it was just the siren talking. Dean still doesn't look like he believes his brother.

The hunt took the Winchesters to Wyoming to a town where people weren't dying. Oh they were getting hurt, but they weren't dying. We had already seen a guy get shot but he didn't bleed out. Sam and Dean's investigation didn't yield much, until they got another call from "Bobby" confirming Sam's theory that reapers weren't around to cross anyone over to the light or wherever they were going in their afterlife. The show hasn't let up on showing us the differences between Sam and Dean. Sam seemed like he was all for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Dean had more doubts about fixing what was wrong with this town. He felt once they saved the town, everyone who hadn't been dying would die including some very good people. It's an unfortunate situation but the boys knew they had a job to do.

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