24 Season 8, Episode 13 Recap: 4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M.

In another action-packed hour, 24 saves the best for last: CTU Agent Dana Walsh is, in fact, working with the terrorists, and she's a cold-blooded murderer to boot.

As the hour begins, CTU is in a panic, with all key systems - right down to the plumbing and overhead lights - out of commission after the EMP bomb explosion. Moving and thinking fast as ever, Jack gets in touch with an old contact at the NSA, asking for help in getting CTU's systems back on line - oh, and also shutting down all bridge and tunnel traffic into New York. Meaning there's only one way the nuclear material is entering the city: across the East River.

Of course, that's exactly what the terrorists are planning, frantically loading the rods into an inflatable boat just as Jack and Ortiz arrive on the scene. Then it's time for a gun battle with some serious firepower.

Jack can do a lot with a handgun (or even a large knife), but it's even cooler to see him handling a high-powered automatic rifle. And with Ortiz calling out the location of the shooters using an infrared scope, these two make a pretty good team - though not quite good enough to stop Samir from making it into the boat and taking those rods across the river.

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