Dexter Season 4, Episode 7: "Slack Tide" - Recap

Dexter sets his sights on a man who is believed to have killed an aspiring model and later takes a trip with Trinity during which Dexter sees his compassionate side. Meanwhile, Deb takes over Dexter's apartment and returns to work where she meets with one of Harry's past informants.

The Photog and the FOJJ

This week's episode starts out with Dexter and the fam taking a ride on his boat when Dexter is called in to the scene of a body. He arrives to find a half-gutted alligator with a bruised female arm inside him. Turns out some hillbilly shot the gator, but when he went to gut it, he saw a human arm inside it and he called the cops. Whoever was behind this murder knew full and well that dumping the body in "Alligator Alley" would get rid of the evidence. But not this time.

It's determined that the victim was a cocktail waitress/wannabe model who was scheduled to meet with a famous photographer John Farrow. His morbid work of models posing as beaten, bloody and half-dead is so disgusting that even Dexter is disturbed by this guy. Farrow also happens to have a record of rape, but of course, he has alibis to vouch for him for the night of the death.

He agrees to come in for questioning when he admits to having had a shoot with the victim, but trivializes her as a FOJJ (Fresh Off the Jumbo Jett). I guess Fresh Off the Boat is so passe. Dexter watches the questioning, but as soon as he gets sexually graphic with Deb, Dexter decides to put Farrow at the top of his kill list.

Harry appears to Dexter and asks him why he's focusing on this guy instead of on Trinity. Dexter tells him it's because there's more to learn.

Trinity the Carpenter

Meanwhile, Dexter "bumps into" Trinity at the hardware store where he asks him about how Trinity was able to get his kids to separate from their parents a bit, as Dexter is in dire need of some more "me" time. And by "me time," I mean "kill time." Trinity tells him the way to get them fending for themselves is to push them into pursuing activities that are of interest to them. Dexter plays the "I'm new here and don't know many people" card, and Trinity, the wonderful man he is, invites Dexter along to help him with a project the following day.

That night, Dexter takes Trinity's advice and begins to search for activities for Cody and Astor. He finds a weekend sailing trip for Cody, which he's thrilled about, but Astor, shoots his ideas down. Ah the joys of raising cranky teenage girls.

The next morning, the two take a drive and end up deep in the forest with nothing but an axe and a chainsaw. How much more fitting out a day trip with two serial killers get? Trinity is visibly agitated when he can't get the chainsaw to work, so Dexter steps in to give it a whirl. Dexter is successful and manages to cut the tree down. The two begin to axe away at the fallen tree and Dexter tries to make small talk about advice to get Astor to partake in the activities and Trinity snaps back that he should just force. He's real annoyed at this point, and it's hard to say why.

The two head back, but Trinity accidentally hits a deer that jumps into the road. He gets out of the car and is very distressed about having hurt this creature. Dexter, trying to make sense of Trinity's reaction, tells him he needs to put it out of its misery, but Trinity can't bring himself to end the deer's life. Harry appears and throws in his two cents about Dexter's new role model: "He spent his life killing innocent people, but he can't kill Bambi?" Dexter kills it for Trinity, but Trinity can't bear to watch and turns away.

Afterwards, Trinity is slaving away shaving down the tree into usable pieces of wood. He still looks very upset about something. Piece by piece he begins to build something out of the lumber, only to reveal that this whole time, he has been building a coffin. But for whom?

Deb's New Bachelorette Pad

Dexter may have given up his apartment for Rita, but it's staying in the family because Deb is taking it. She returns to work, and right off the bat notices the sexual tension between Laguerta and Batista. She brings it up to Quinn whose theory is that you put a man and woman in the same room long enough; they're bound to get it on. Deb confronts Laguerta about the relationship, and Quinn does the same of Batista. Based on Laguerta and Batista's angry responses, Deb and Quinn realize they are together.

Quinn's reporter girlfriend waits at the station to try to get a word in with Deb for her hero piece. Dexter intercepts her and tells her to back off. Quinn sees this and tries to defend his lady friend by saying she's just trying to do her job. Dexter is in no mood for Quinn and tells him to get the reporter to back off by subtly threatening that he'll come forward with the knowledge that Quinn's a dirty cop. Why do I feel like that was a bad idea on Dexter's part?

Deb tells Dexter that she's been doing some research about Harry's female informants. Dexter is worried that she'll come across Dexter's mother's file (who was one of Harry's informant flings) and Deb will ultimately be able to trace it all back to the Ice Truck Killer and who Dexter really is. She meets with one of the informants who tells Deb that she and Harry did have a relationship (mostly sex) and that he picked his informants based on how good they are in the sack. Deb is shocked, and the woman tries to offer up all the details of their sex life, but it's TMI for Deb, and she cuts her off.

Frustrated, Deb tells Dex she's done digging into the sordid details of her dad's past and Dexter offers to bring the files back for her. He takes his mothers file and begins to destroy it in the paper shredder. But just as he puts her photo through the shredder, he yanks it out. "I can't let her be cut up again," Dexter says. He puts the picture in the drawer.

Dexter Crosses to the Other Side

Dexter breaks into Farrow studio to do some investigating of his own and sees blood on the floor with his black light. He follows the blood pattern to the tack board and sees a broken fingernail in it. He takes the nail, heads back to the morgue where the severed arm is, and sees it's a match to the broken fingernail.

Back home Rita tells Dexter that he has to get ready to take Cody on his sailing trip over the weekend. Dexter didn't realize he had to chaperone the activity, so rather than let Cody down, he decides to move up his kill of Farrow to that night. Dexter follows Farrow to a hopping night club and waits inside to follow him out before making his move. But while hanging around inside, he spots Quinn who has been tailing him as well. It's like Dokes all over again! Dexter manages to get out of his eye shot by manipulating a female bar-goer to flirt with him.

Dexter has to scrap the early plan to kill and heads out with Cody for the sailing weekend. He goes through all the fatherly motions (including his attempt to share a scary story around the campfire that gets a bit too graphic for the kiddies). When everyone is sleeping soundly in their tents, Dexter seizes the opportunity to kill Farrow and hops on his boat. He meet Farrow at his place and ties him down as a slideshow of digital images of the women he killed flashes on the wall. Farrow stands firm that he didn't kill anyone, but Dexter, who needs to get back to the campsite before everyone wakes in the morning doesn't have time to hear his excuses and kills him. He manages to clean up and get back in time to make breakfast.

He heads back to work the following morning, feeling good after getting a kill in over the weekend, but sees Farrow's assistant has been taken. He asks Batista what's going on and he tells Dexter they have solid evidence that proves he's responsible for the killings of the models. Dexter, at a loss for words, runs to the office and shuts the door behind him. For the first time, Dexter has broken his own code and killed an innocent man. Now nothing separates him from other murderers.

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