Is 'Caprica' Becoming Too Soapy?

If Caprica co-creator Ron Moore were to be asked, the unequivocal answer would be yes, because that was that intention in the first place.

Three episodes into the Battlestar Galactica prequel, human drama may have had a longer share of the spotlight than robots and overtly futuristic stuff on Caprica, but that's kind of the direction it was headed for, adds Moore, to differentiate it from Battlestar.

"It was kind of important to David Eick and I that the show not be about just another Battlestar or yet another war series, but to really be different on a fundamental level to what Battlestar was," he says.

On the most recent episode of Caprica, we finally got an explanation as to why in the world did Amanda Graystone crucify her daughter Zoe in front of the whole (grieving) world. And the reason is, well, it just came out.

Also, Zoe has finally figured out a way to "live" in the avatar world, and she and Lacy find Tamara only to loser her immediately after. We also get the continuation of education from the point of view of uncle Sam.

As for the other Adama, Joseph sent Sam to take out Amanda after failing to find Tamara.

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