Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 13 - Charmed and Dangerous

Paige is with Darryl. A young single mother lost custody of her child due to a past history of abuse by her ex-husband. They are trying to help her through the court hearing to get her son back. They are waiting for the verdict when Paige gets a call from her sisters. They have been attacked and she needs to come home. Carolyn is currently missing, so they postpone the legal proceedings and Paige heads home.

Darryl calls Paige and lets her know that they found Carolyn. She is bruised and swollen. They suspect the ex-husband, but it is doubtful that they will find him.

Darryl brings Carolyn to the manor. Paige grabs the Book of Shadows and Piper warns her that she can’t do this because it’s personal. Considering the dire situation around them regarding the Source, she doesn’t care. Carolyn is an innocent and she’s going to help her. She whispers a spell and all of Carolyn’s bruises disappear. She tells Darryl to take care of Carolyn and see that her ex ends up behind bars. He is worried. He senses that something is terribly wrong. He has to go, and escorts Carolyn out.

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