Covert Affairs: "What Is and What Should Never Be" Review Episode 8

The term, "game changer" is used a bit too often in television shows, especially when said game-changing event is used more as a publicity stunt rather than as the result of a season or series long story arc. I won't go so far as to use the term to describe this episode of Covert Affairs (because they haven't even completed the first half of the first season yet), but it did mark a dramatic change in the direction of the show as Annie came face-to-face with her ex-lover (and rogue CIA agent) Ben Mercer for the first time in two years. "What Is and What Should Never Be" was both interesting and frustrating because we saw just how far Annie is willing to go to complete her missions, while at the same time, we got even more proof that she's caught under the thumb of the CIA.

This episode began with a groggy Annie waking up in a storage facility behind an auction house, surrounded by dead bodies and holding a gun. She was quickly arrested and placed in an FBI interrogation room where she met with Joan Campbell, who posed as her lawyer. Via their conversation and flashbacks, we learned how Annie got herself into such a tight spot, only the version she told Joan was not what really happened. Much of her story was true, but Annie left out the part where Ben Mercer snuck into her house and tipped her off to a smuggling ring involving top secret weapon systems hidden inside paintings to be sold at auction.

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