Recap Days of Our Lives: Wednesday 08/11/2010

Victor visits Bo and tries to comfort him. Bo admits Hope's attacks are a result of her anger towards him. Maggie shows up and tells Victor they need to help Hope. Victor agrees and Maggie asks him to take a walk. After their walk, they go back to Maggie's house and Maggie thanks Victor for being her friend. Meanwhile, Brady and Vivian cross. Vivian gives him a hard time about Arianna, and Brady calls her out. She should worry about her own situation â€" with Victor. Later, Vivian finds Victor with Maggie. Upset, she vows to put an end to Maggie Horton.

Abe comes to see Hope and she apologizes for hurting him. Abe forgives her and wants to help her. She's worried about her family and her kids. How will her children react when they realize she tried to kill their father? Lexie arrives and offers comfort and promises to help with Ciara. EJ arrives and confronts Hope. Bo hears this and throws him out. Bo follows EJ to the mansion and says if anything happens to Hope...if there is any sort of retaliation against her, he will kill EJ. At the same time, Brady pops in for a visit and Hope senses Brady's here to get his punches in. Surprisingly, Brady somewhat forgives Hope for what she did and prays she gets help. 

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