'Community' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

Hillary Duff on 'Community'

Abed doesn't have a filter. He doesn't know what not to say around strangers, or even around close friends; intellectually he realizes that some sentences can be hurtful, but he didn't learn the lesson that most of us learn early on in life, that complete honesty is the best way to end up alone. That makes him more than a little sad. It also makes him willing to do just about anything to fit in with the others, and in last night's episode of 'Community,' 'Aerodynamics of Gender,' he did his best to make Annie, Britta, and Shirley happy. It was just too bad that meant making everybody else feel like crap.

The episode at first looked to be dealing with the male/female divide in the study group, but honestly, that got dropped quickly. Sure, the trio of ladies (plus Abed) all turned stereotypical catty once they broke off on their own, but this really wasn't about women being women, or men being men. It was about how insecurities lead to cruelty, and how maybe it's better that we leave the bitchiness to the ones who have real taste for it. It was about a trampoline, and the dreams of a racist janitor to keep that trampoline safe. In short, it was about ourselves. Ourselves, being bitches and occasionally bouncing.

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