Survivor 21.09 "Running the Camp" Recap

 Survivor 21.09 Running the Camp Recap

"Running the Camp" begins with Libertad returning to their camp after Alina's dismissal.  As Fabio collects everyone's torches, NaOnka tells the camera that Tribal Council really shook things up.  She thinks Marty went too hard at Jane, but that Jane was great at taking it.  Unsurprisingly, NaOnka wouldn't have taken such an onslaught as well.  Chase whispers to Brenda that what Marty said about him aligning with Jane was B.S., and he apologizes to Jane for the way she was treated.  Jane confesses that "Mr. Farty," as she is now calling Marty, is square in her cross-hairs.  She knows he can't beat her mentally and probably can't physically, so Marty needs to watch out.

On the morning of Day 23, Sash and Marty go for water.  Marty asks who voted for him besides Alina, figuring it was Chase.  Sash tells him that it was Holly.  Marty is satisfied that Chase has at least half a brain.  Marty doesn't think much of his competitors, confiding that he hates playing the game with stupid people.  He does know, however, that he has a target on his back, so he needs to come up with a plan.  He seeks out Benry and Dan, and tells them that they should spend the time before the next Tribal Council saying that they are voting for NaOnka.  This will drive her crazy, and flush out the Hidden Immunity Idol.  Then, they can vote for Jane, which would isolate Chase, if they can keep Brenda in the fold.  Jane observes (but doesn't hear) this little pow-wow, and tells the camera that Marty is scrambling everywhere and poisoning their minds.  She needs to get rid of Marty immediately.  This will have to wait, as it is time for the...

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