THE GOOD GUYS “The Getaway” Review

The Good Guys Season 1 Episode 17 - The Getaway

Jack and Liz’s weekend getaway goes awry when Jack gets suspicious of the bed and breakfast’s owner and inadvertently involves Dan in the "The Getaway" episode of THE GOOD GUYS.

Is there anything Dan/Bradley Whitford can’t make funny? I love his fluorescently painted suit and how he gets info out of Samantha. "I live on the down low. I was born on the down low. You write down low on an envelope, lick a stamp, stick it on that puppy, and drop it in a mailbox, it comes to me." His slide across the dining room table as he nabs Carson only to pop up munching bacon and wanting a high five is perfection, his making comforter angels is simply surreal, and his miming spraying Hodges with spray paint at the end is a terrific small moment. I love the anything for a laugh nature of The Good Guys–the show never takes itself too seriously and the cast always looks like its having fun.

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