Dexter: "In The Beginning" Review

Dammit, sometimes Deb is just too freakin' smart. But of course, that's why we love her. Well, that and her flagrant use of the term "f***tard." The FBI was hot on Dexter's trail back in Season 2, but now that Deb's moved up the ranks this is really the first time that she's been dangerously close to Dexter extra-curricular murdering. At least since she almost caught Dexter dispatching the maniacal "Skinner" at the end of Season 3. The best part about Deb's detective work is that that show itself has gone through great lengths to show that she works her ass off to figure things out, and that the things she figures out actually make sense and seem "figure out-able."

The end switcheroo twist of the kill room not actually being in Alex Tilden's (Scott Grimes) house was nice, but not new. It was suspenseful, but there was still a part of me that kind of knew that they wouldn't do anything to ruin Lumen's first official kill. I'm loving this new relationship that Dexter has with Lumen. In fact, I love it so much that I've become prematurely sad about it because this series is nothing if it isn't tragic. Let's face it, this new charming murder-duo simply can't last, but I'm afraid that it'll wind up being more tragic than it has to be.

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