DETROIT 187 “Home Invasion; Drive By” Review

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 Episode 9 - Home Invasion; Drive-By

As usual, the show dealt with two separate homicides, a home invasion and a drive by. The home invasion was of a former auto executive in a wealthier neighborhood while the drive by was of an eleven year old child in a poorer neighborhood. Therefore, I was surprised to find that the murders were linked. Once the team realized the same gun was used in both instances and only days apart, I wondered what the motive could possibly be. I think the fact that the woman that killed her husband and then just buried the gun in the field across the street from their house led to the little boy being shot in a drive by was brilliant. Although I am not sure she would have caved and confessed as quickly as she did, the utter horror on her face once she realized that her selfish act of trying to get rid of her husband ultimately ended a young person’s life was terrific. That scene was played quite well and I know Fitch was proud of Washington at that point.

I liked the tenuous chain that linked the two murders because you read about these things all of the time. Guns are discarded and then found by someone else who uses them for another crime. Another thing I enjoyed about this episode was watching Washington grow into the job. I felt that he actually became a "real" detective this episode. The death of that eleven year old boy, who could be his son in the future, really hit him hard. Then the mounting frustration when no one in the neighborhood would talk for fear of retaliation, I think made him realize just how bad it is out there. I almost cheered when he yelled at the gathering crowd that if they wanted to be mad about something, they should be mad about the death of the child and not the fact that the police were arresting one of their own to try to solve the murder. Unfortunately, becoming a detective and seeing these things night after night takes a toll on a person. This is already occuring with Washington who snaps at his wife for leaving their baby in the hands of strangers for their date night. I am sure police officers and detectives go through this conflict every day. When you see the most horrible events occur before you, how do you separate that from your own personal life?

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