THE GOOD GUYS “Cop Killer” Review

The Good Guys Season 1 Episode 19 - Cop Killer

You know it’s going to be a good episode of The Good Guys when you have a car chase and an explosion within the first six minutes. Add in a West Wing reunion, Malcolm Barrett from Better Off Ted, and plenty of Julius and I’m a seriously happy camper.

While I wish we had gotten a little more background on why Guthrie hates Dan so much, he’s a terrific foil. Josh Malina is gleefully malicious in the role, oozing slimy entitlement. Love him so much, and his chemistry with Bradley Whitford is as fun as ever. "How about I misdirect your nose all over your face?" While the timeline is a bit out of whack and disbelief must be suspended re: Guthrie’s vendetta, he is one of my favorite "villains" to date and his (essentially) parting line of "I’m not gonna pretend to like you, Stark. Not that good of an actor" is awesome.

They really raised the stakes here: Julius’ bar goes boom ("So, I guess I don’t have to lock up, huh?"-Hee.), Jack’s apartment is trashed, Sam loses her job, and Dan’s trailer–gulp–also goes boom. Love Dan’s ‘Platoon’ homage, but was anyone else’s first thought, "I hope his dog is okay?" Still, everyone who matters–even Liz–backs Dan with next to no thought, so look how far they’ve come since the series started. It seems so unfair that the cast is gelling so well with Sam and Julius fully integrated just as the series is ending. The different cast combinations all work well and the bigger scenes, like the evidence room confab, are electric because the cast sparks so well off each other.

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