The Big Bang Theory: "The Justice League Recombination" Review

And...they're back! This week's episode, "The Justice League Recombination" was a return to everything I love about The Big Bang Theory. It was an ensemble piece. It was funny. Penny was in it and the tension between Penny and Leonard is back. Considering who she's dating now, it's pretty easy to see why. I'm sure for many of you, Penny in a Wonder Woman costume didn't hurt either.

This week, Penny's current boyfriend Zack, a rather loveable dumb puppy is teased relentlessly by the guys. I was actually pretty surprised to hear Penny mention that, for a group of guys who talk about being bullied, they were being pretty mean to him. It's something we geeks don't always like to admit. We rally around the little Star Wars girl but some of us occasionally mock others for not having the same knowledge. "What do you mean you don't know there was more than one Green Lantern? Do you live under a rock?" I spent part of the episode thinking they'd gone a little bit over the top with Zack, but in the end, it worked. The boys probably wouldn't have been quite as mean to him if he'd only been a little bit dumb. Certainly not after years of teasing Penny. And once she reveals she's only going out with him so she's not alone on New Year's Eve, it all makes sense.

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