Recap Outlaw: Season1, Episode 6 - In Re: Tony Mejia

Garza works out, playing basketball with White House Counsel Sherri Lemko. He's upset that the President is considering a judge named Sean Ryan to take his place on the Supreme Court. Even though Ryan's already been vetted by the Senate as a federal judge, Garza knows he was on the take back in the day. He points Sherri to a guy named Theo Chervin who'll back up his story. In exchange, Sherri asks for a favor: A guy named Tony Mejia is making the rounds on the Hill. His daughter Lisa, an L.A. kindergarten teacher was murdered. The murderer fled across the border, and Mexico won't extradite him. Now the President wants Garza to convince Mexico to send the murderer back. When Garza protests that he's not the house Latino, Sherri points out that he kind of is, now that he's quit the court.

When Garza puts his team to work, Eddie protests: the U.S. already has an extradition treaty with Mexico, even if it doesn't work. More than 350 suspects of violent crimes in California alone are hiding out there. When Mereta takes a call from a man she doesn't want to talk to, Lucinda accuses her of cheating on the boss. When Mereta claims the caller is her brother, Lucinda bets Eddie $50 there is no brother. Later, Tony Mejia, father of Lisa, comes by to discuss the case of her murderer, Julio Trujillo. Apparently when the LAPD found DNA proof, Trujillo fled to Mexico, where he's finally in custody after months of pressure from the U.S. If he's not extradited soon, they're going to let him go. Handing Garza an envelope of photos of his daughter's brutalized corpse, Mejia begs him to get Trujillo back.

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